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Kids Drawing


The Dragonfly After School Program is a parent cooperative (formerly known as the Peabody After School Program) formed in 1975 that provides quality after school child care to children in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade from Cambridge.   We offer children enjoyable, developmentally appropriate experiences that promote social growth and awareness of self and others in their community. Our play based program is designed to meet the needs of children who have already spent a challenging day in school. Dragonfly offers each child the important opportunity to relax and be with friends in an informal way, as well as the time and congenial surroundings with which to pursue her and his special interests and activities. 

The Dragonfly After School Program strives to reflect the diversity of the Cambridge community. It is a fundamental goal of our program to foster each child’s pride and security in their own identity while promoting all children’s awareness of and respect for others. The curriculum is deliberately multi-cultural, and our teachers help children peacefully explore the differences they may perceive and the presence of human diversity they encounter in an atmosphere supportive of trust, community, and mutual recognition of the rights, health, thoughts and feelings of others. 

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